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When tensions arise between you and your family and legal action is the only way to resolve the issues, it is common to feel vulnerable and confused in the midst of it all. Georgia family laws can also be difficult to comprehend for the average person. Furthermore, the emotional strains associated with a family law case can be more than a person can bear. Our Carrollton family law attorney is committed to assisting families in protecting what is most important: their rights and the future of their families.

As a full-service family law firm, we devote all of our energy, time and efforts toward providing effective solutions to families dealing with complex legal problems. Our divorce attorney is extremely enthusiastic about family law. Her abilities and accomplishments, both inside and outside of the courtroom, have made a positive impact on every single one of our clients’ lives.

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A Personal, Professional, and Passionate Approach to Protecting Your Rights and Relationships

We know that cases related to family and relationships are best approached in a sensitive and dignified manner. Where legal separation, divorce, division of property – and even children are concerned – we offer the most emotionally aware service, protecting our clients through every step of the way. Legal aid may be available in suitable cases too.

Here, we build cases and relationships with our clients, because our goal is to provide a personable, professional and passionate service that demands justice for you. The collective expertise of our Carrollton divorce attorney in Georgia, GA – and it’s at your disposal through every part of the legal process.

In fact, we’ve even been named as one of the top family law firms in the area by Houstonia Magazine, with our Carrollton family law attorneys consistently recognized as among the best in their field by premier organizations including Super Lawyers and Avvo.

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Practice Areas

Our philosophy is that the law should empower people rather than create obstacles. That’s why we offer only a professional level of representation, with the same resources, solutions and support offered in expensive downtown law firms.

We offer family law services across a range of strategic pillars, including:

Family Law
Equitable Distribution
Collaborative Divorce
Child Support
Visitation Rights

No matter what legal matter you need to resolve, we have both the experience and execution necessary for a deep insight into how the courts come to a decision.

We craft our cases carefully so that there is a better chance of a positive result.

And when we say positive result, we don’t just mean using our expertise to provide you with a knowledgeable service – we mean honesty, compassion, and unwavering commitment.

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Focused On Family Law

With over 80 years of combined collective experience, our attorneys have provided a wide range of divorce and family law services. We believe in the power of disciplined work, which sets us apart from the competition. With our solid team of divorce attorneys and quick results, we know that nothing builds confidence like exceeding your expectations.

What separates us from the vast sea of Divorce Attorneys in Georgia is that it’s not just numbers we care about, it’s about the people we help. We strive to put a human face on our vast range of legal services, and for many years, it’s been a success.

We want our clients to spend less time worrying about their circumstances, because life shouldn’t be reduced to a constant struggle. We invite you to get in touch with our teams so you can tell us how our dedicated divorce lawyers can alleviate your worries.

Since opening our doors, we have honorably served clients all across the Carrollton area of Georgia, helping them find the best possible solution to their legal troubles – providing comprehensive, trustworthy divorce and family law services.

We’re ready to work with you next. We tailor our services to fit each of our unique clients – so you’ll have every requirement satisfied.

When you entrust us with your legal concerns, we’ll be there to alleviate your worry while providing only the superior standard. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can offer you.


My attorney was very professional and also friendly and sensitive to my case. During such a challenging and emotional time in my life, it was good to have someone like him. It always felt as though he had my back whilst remaining realistic and honest throughout. I would definitely recommend his services.

– Angela

The service I have received is second to none. The information they gave me, and the service is excellent to the point I have passed their details on to numerous people to have the firm represent them in similar cases. I cannot fault them at all, and I am very lucky to have someone so dedicated to representing me through my divorce.

– Joshua

Any breakup is stressful, but they have a calming and practical influence – with their factual and pragmatic approach. I cannot recommend them highly enough for guiding me to a realistic outcome especially during this pandemic. Thank you for your patience and common sense.

– Tim

Carrollton divorce lawyers have been fantastic throughout what was the most challenging thing I have ever had to go through for the past year. Could not have imagined going through the process without them by my side. Their support and guidance were priceless – super efficient with attention to detail, I always felt reassured and in safe hands.

– Rebecca

Trusted Carrollton Family Law Services

Family law matters are among the most emotionally taxing and administratively complex legal conflicts you can endure. With this necessary context in mind, it is pivotal to equip yourself with an able representative who can not only advocate for your interests with a clear, determined and comprehensive understanding of the law – but provide much necessary compassion to your situation while doing it.

In divorce, it’s not just your mental and emotional state at stake. Indeed, a worrying combination of your financial stability and the critical issues of property division, custody and support are all on the table.

At the end of the day, life is a precious gift, meant to be lived to the fullest – and that can’t be done when you’re worrying about divorce costs and final expenses. With our guidance, you can plan responsibly and prevent a potential financial burden, especially during such a sensitive time. 

Remember, it is the unrivalled level of expertise and legal ability of your divorce attorney that serve as the most significant factors in the outcome of the final settlement or decision in court.

We make your business our business at the Carrollton Divorce Firm, and our ultimate goal is ensuring your best interests are not only protected, but actively represented in what is potentially one of the largest legal decisions you will make in your life. That fact alone means you’ll need the help of those who care.

That’s why our entire team is prepared to serve you with the highest degree of care, compassion and professionalism.

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